Designwerks 2.0 – The revolution of Designwerks Media over the last 5 years

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Designwerks Media and Me,


This being my first blog post on our new 2.0 website,  I wanted it to give insight on the history of our company over the years. Many people ask me about our history and how we have grown the business through the years. I wish I could say it was an easy path and that we have been showered with tons of awards, and lots of money, and gained super powers. The reality is we opened a marketing company in the midst of a recession where no one was spending money. It was some of the hardest times of my life for those first 2 years. I was told though if we managed to survive through it, once it was all over we would be that much more ahead of everyone else just starting. During that process we had to be very creative with our approaches to get new work, we made an effort to maximize our time by doing more with less, we cherished or clients as if they were our only client and made sure we always came through. We found by these simple processes we were able to keep moving forward even if it meant at a snails pace. The knowledge and business sense gained from this was worth its weight in gold.


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